The Neuro-Revolution is changing the way corporations do business, interact with clients and sell themselves.

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He (Andy) has always proven to be helpful, motivating and inspirational.
Hansueli Meister, Group Executive Board, Credit Suisse Group
Neuro-Revolution Webinars - online optimised version of the neuro-revolution series.

Neuroscience is here. The Revolution is here. Do you want to be a part of it?
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We have re-designed the Neuro-Revolution Series into short webinars to allow you easy access to the knowledge that will drive the future of business. The six modules cover key aspects of leading:
1. The brain, fear and anxiety and emotions 2. Reward and motivation in the brain 3. Rewiring the brain: change and transformation in the brain 4. Creativity, inspiration and innovation in the brain 5. Decision making and hidden traps 6. Gender and bias in the brain

  • You will leave this webinar with a fundamental understanding of how the human reward and motivation circuits function and how these are relevant to the business environment.

  • You will be given neuroscientifically-based trust, reward and motivation model applicable to the business and corporate world.
  • The knowledge to drive trust, reward and motivation successfully in your business.

  • You will be on the cutting edge of leadership development

Download brochure here
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Neuro-Revolution 1
A journey into the brain in business

Neuro-Revolution PDF here.
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Neuro-Revolution 2
Tapping into the neural circuits of reward, motivation and trust

Neuro-Revolution PDF here.
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Neuro-Revolution 3
Rewiring the brain: change, habit and transformation in the brain

Neuro-Revolution PDF here.
PDT (Los Angeles): 11 am
EST (New York): 2 pm
GMT (London): 7 pm
CEST (Berlin): 8 pm
PDT (Los Angeles): 11 am
EST (New York): 2 pm
GMT (London): 7 pm
CEST (Berlin): 8 pm
PDT (Los Angeles): 11 am
EST (New York): 2 pm
GMT (London): 7 pm
CEST (Berlin): 8 pm
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Neuro-Revolution 4
The neural secrets to inspiration, innovation and creativity

Neuro-Revolution PDF here.
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Neuro-Revolution 5
Decision making in the brain and the hidden traps we all face

Neuro-Revolution PDF here.
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Neuro-Revolution 6
The female brain, gender and other hidden biases in the brain

Neuro-Revolution PDF here.
PDT (Los Angeles): 11 am
EST (New York): 2 pm
GMT (London): 7 pm
CEST (Berlin): 8 pm
PDT (Los Angeles): 11 am
EST (New York): 2 pm
GMT (London): 7 pm
CEST (Berlin): 8 pm
PDT (Los Angeles): 6 am
EST (New York): 9 am
GMT (London): 2 pm
CEST (Berlin): 3 pm
Each webinar: $ 99
Including: recording of webinar, documents, references, presentation and ebook

Webinar series (6 webinars): $ 399 (free choice of dates)
Further Reading

Free ebook

65 Brain Facts

Leading in Turbulent Times

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Leading 100 Billion Neurons is a free ebook. A journey into the brain and how this impacts business and leadership.
Available at:
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A short journey with 65 fascinating brain facts from trivia to business to biology.

Download PDF here.
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A short paper on the brain's perspective of leading in turbulent times. How fear and anxiety can distort decision making and how this impacts the brain.
For further resources go to The Brain in Business.

“The focus... had numerous positive knock-on effects on the way we did business together, our efficiency, reduced conflicts and better team spirit. The feedback from the participants was excellent. A great investment
Mike Elwell, Head of Global Research, Huntsman Advanced Materials

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Andy Habermacher, international speaker, executive coach and brain leader is an internationally recognised expert and author on the brain in business. He speaks across the globe on how the brain influences our decisions our perspectives and our way of interacting with each other. Tapping into the power of the brian can enable you to run your business better, more effectively, more smoothly and, of course, more profitably.

Become a brain leader and see your business and your life become enriched.
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