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Article in Swiss Business

In the November / December edition of Swiss Business, the English Swiss business magazine, you will find Andy Habermacher's latest article. Andy looks into the brain and gives a brief overview of some decision-making issues. Article here.

Brilliant Brains in Business

Official invitations have been released:
To learn more about diverse brains, the unconscious mind and for inspiring insights, on 29th June around 400 leading business thinkers and doers will be gathering at Zug’s finest location. This will be a rare opportunity to hear high profile speakers and combine large-scale networking for unexpected connections and powerful inspiration. 
www.leading-brains.com for more information

Power Speaking with Mike Pagan running again

I’m happy to announce that Mike Pagan will be back again in Switzerland to run our successful Power Speaking Series from 16th - 18th March 2011. The series is a unique combination of professional speaking skills synthesized with elements of neuroscience and influence. This gives a powerful package in half a day to boost your speaking skills - an essential skill anywhere in business. Read More...

Interview in Tages Anzeiger

Andy Habermacher was featured in the special supplement “Fazination Gehirn” in last Saturday’s (04.12.2010) Tages Anzeiger.

PDF: NeuroLeadership_3

Art & Brain Science of Creativity

The Art & Brain Science of Creativity - a full-day workshop targeted at various elements to boost flow, alpha power, creativity, secrets of intuition, innovation & inspiration. Using brain science, art and deep relaxation to experience the effects of flow and open focus on creativity.
December 4th 2010, 09:00-17:00 at Park Hotel Weggis. More information here.

Artificial Intelligence Lab - Tour

Speaking on Men's and Women's Brains

Andy Habermacher will be speaking to a full house on Thursday 16th September with the International Men’s Club Zug at the Park Hotel in, Zug, Switzerland. The topic that has caused so much interest will be Men’s and Women’s brain from a neuroscientific perspective. An interesting topic indeed! Read More...

Speaking with "Handelskammer Innerschweiz"

Andy Habermacher has been invited to speak to the Central Swiss Chamber of Commerce on Monday 13th September 2010. He will be dealing with the topic of networking with neuroscience. Andy has successfully run this a number of times with various organizations. The event will be held in the Luzern theatre and be followed by networking (what else) and lunch. Read More...

Article Published in "Speakeasy"

“Masters of Neuroscience" was published as a lead article in Speakeasy the magazine of the Professional Speakers Association, UK. You can read here. Read More...

NeuroBanking - World Premiere

I am very excited to announce that Dr Srini Pillay will be launching the NeuroBanking concept in Zurich, Switzerland on 23rd June 2010.
© is an executive coaching approach that is tailored to the needs of the banking industry. Rather than utilizing the usual methods of executive coaching, NeuroBanking combines brain science with traditional approaches to debunk myths related to challenges in the banking industry. The result is: tangible insights for managers to self-coach and coach others while maintaining and accelerating competitive advantage. Read More...

Dr Pillay, Harvard, Speaking Again in Switzerland

I am very excited to announce that Dr Srini Pillay of Harvard and NeuroBusiness Group will be visiting Switzerland again to run 2 events on 22nd and 23rd June 2010 in Zurich. The events will be
- 22nd June “Maximising Profit through Neuroscience
- 23rd June “

I’ve also managed to engage Mike Pagan again, one of UK’s top professional speakers to moderate both events. Read More...

Successful Key Event

ctp’s key leadership event was a resounding success. It was moderated by Mike Pagan, Professional Speaker, from the UK and the lead speaker was Dr. Srini Pillay.

Dr Srini Pillay covered topics such as unconscious fear, mirror neurons and corporate myths that he debunked.

The audience was both fascinated and intrigued by the depth and scope of relevance of the topics covered.

Watch this space or the next event in June & September.

Major Leadership Event with Harvard Neuroscientist

I am very excited to announce a major event running on 10th March 2010 in Zurich. The title will be “Maximising Profit through Social Intelligence - What Neuroscience Tells Us”. Lead speaker is Dr Srini Pillay, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School. The event will be moderated by Mike Pagan who is one of UK’s top professional speakers. I will be complementing the topic by looking into the mind and communication.

“Maximising Profit through Social Intelligence - What Neuroscience Tells Us”
Dr Srini PIllay, Mike Pagan, Andy Habermacher
: 10.03.2010
Time: 15:00-19:00 + Apèro
Location: Park Hyatt, Zurich
Price: CHF 395


Maximising Profit through Social Intelligence Booklet2

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